New Way to Earn Cryptocurrency Using BitcoLoan Platform


Here i am glad to inform you that now you can earn Cryptocurrency by using this BitcoLoan platform

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Now what is BitcoLoan

  • All About LoansHow to invest smart and find the appropriate individual or business loan.
  • Insurance FundHow the Insurance Fund works and how to make profit on it.

How you can Get BitcoLoan

First of all you can get bitcoloan token by doing so many task like referring friend ,Share and Writing Blog.

You get daily task to earn bitcoloan tokens

BitcoLoanis Launshed on April As write on Website

BitcoLoan App is also availble for android and Iso

So that they are doing Very Good So i Suggest More and More To get Token

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We’ve added 6 new tasks that can get you more BITCOLOAN Tokens. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Write about BitcoLoan

In order to perform this task, do the following:

– Create a post about BitcoLoan on Reddit or Medium.
– Provide a link to your post below.
– Click on “Send”.

Once the moderation process is complete, you will get the reward.

Complete this task and get 1000 BITCOLOAN Tokens!

Host a Stream or Webinar

This task will require more of your effort, time and imagination:

– Contact the Tech Support operator, if you want to host a webinar.
– Coordinate the start time and participants.
– Host a webinar
– Upload the webinar recording to YouTube
– Once the moderation process is complete, you will get the reward

Yes, this is going to take a lot of work. It’s worth it, though, as you will get between 500 and 50000 for completing the task.

The size of your reward is based on the following factors:

– How many viewers or participants you will get together
– Stream length
– How interesting and original topics will be

Record a Video Review

This task is easier than the previous one, but still requires some effort and imagination:

– Study the guidelines.
– Record a video review about BitcoLoan.
– Upload it to your YouTube channel.
– Make the video accessible to everyone.
– Attach a link to your video and click on “Send”.

Record and upload your video, and get up to 100000 BITCOLOAN Tokens!

Place a Banner in Your Blog

You have your own website or blog? It means you can earn some additional BITCOLOAN Tokens!

– Download the BitcoLoan “Promo Kit”.
– Place one or more BitcoLoan banners on your website.
– Enter a link to your website and click on “Send”.
– Once the moderation process is complete, you will get the reward.

If you meet all the requirements, you will get 500 Tokens credited to your account!

Turn on Push Notifications

This task as easy as it can get. All you need is enable the BitcoLoan push notifications and get your reward. How to enable the notifications? We’ve made a special guide for each browser type.

Are you finished? 200 tokens are in your account already. Go and check!


Apart from the new tasks, we’re happy to present you another task format – daily tasks! There are 3 of them for now, but soon there will be more. You can perform such tasks every 24 hours and get your well-earned reward for each of them.

Leave a Comment

Just leave a comment in our blog and get 100 tokens!

– Go to the BitcoLoan Blog section.
– Choose any of the three recent posts.
– Click on the post.
– Leave a comment and tell what you think about this post.

Share on Website

In this task, you will have to share your referral link with a friend. Once they register on the platform, you will get your reward!

– Copy your referral link.
– Send it to your friend.
– Make sure your friend registers on the platform.
– Once your friend has registered on BitcoLoan, you will get the reward.

Share a Mobile App

In this task, you’re supposed to share your referral link with from the mobile app. Once your friend registers on the platform, you will get your reward!

– Download the mobile app.
– Go to the “Share” section.
– Send a link to your friend.
– Make sure your friend registers on the platform
– Once your friend has registered, you will get the reward.

Soon, there will be more tasks and useful updates.

Stay tuned!


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